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Traditional Advisory and Consulting Services



We work with clients who desire additional specialized knowledge, information and assistance in creating successful and sustainable business endeavors and operations in transitional and emerging economies throughout the world. These services include: advice on market intelligence, markets and market conditions, identification of new opportunities and evaluation of existing ones, development of strategies, sales planning and strategies, introductions to key decision makers, scoping new work and the requisite logistic services for their travel, living and working arrangements while pursuing or executing work. Such services include transportation, security, housing, offices, the arrangement of meetings and translators, procurement and other associated tasks. Deliverables include reports, studies, business plans, business strategies, sales, introductions and facilitation of meetings.


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Owners Representative / Bank Engineering



We provide ‘independent’ and ‘third party’ analytical support to banks and financial investments groups in reviewing their investments portfolios. This includes assessing an incumbent contractor’s level of performance against all contract requirements, schedules, standards and industry benchmarks for evaluation of quality, schedule, cost, safety and environmental factors. Such services are delivered by partnering with the client in a fully confidential and transparent manner. Deliverables include reports and studies using standard Earned Value Management and Project Control software.


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Program and Construction Management



Many companies are prepared to invest and deliver their own projects in emerging countries and complex geo-political environments but do not have the requisite ‘in country’ experience necessary to successfully execute their projects. Peregrine offers integrated Program Management and Construction Management services spanning the classic program and construction management responsibilities from oversight and seamless integration of various project disciplines to ensure timely delivery of projects on time and within budget. Peregrine uses standard Program and Construction Management techniques and software, coupled with large scale, hands-on project experience to fully integrate all aspects of a project from planning, design, engineering, construction, operations and logistics to ensure timely execution and deliver. This includes preparing business plans, budgets, strategies, problem solving, procurement planning, developing statements of work, source selection, procurement, monitoring sub contract performance, quality control, project controls and accounting and related aspects of project oversight and management on behalf of clients.


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Project Development



Our years of experience operating in international market place, and our thorough understanding of geo-political and market conditions in transitional and developing economies ideally positions us to develop future projects on behalf of our clients. This includes conceptualization and opportunity identification and validation, positioning and development of capture strategies, financial planning and modeling, soliciting and securing investor interest and financing, introduction of prospective teaming partners, assistance with development of win strategies and proposals, ‘in-country networking and relationship management and successful booking of projects by clients. This includes all aspects of Front End Engineering and Development (FEED) work necessary to fully understand the opportunity sufficient to make a ‘Go’ ‘No Go’ decision. Deliverables include reports, studies, business plans, business strategies, positioning, sales, introductions, facilitation of meetings necessary to successfully close and book future projects.


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Construction and Construction Related Support Services



This includes all aspects of planning, design, engineering, procurement, construction and sub-contract management necessary to deliver projects. Peregrine has years of proven experience constructing and delivering projects around the world and across a broad range of facilities and infrastructure ranging from smaller residential communities to turn-key design and construction of multi-billion dollar cities.


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